NEW – The Efco MTH 5100 18″ Petrol Chainsaw

£269.00 £249.00

The new Efco MTH 5100 18″ petrol chainsaw is a new homeowner saw for the more demanding user. Features a 51cc two stroke engine and Oregon system for rapid cutting.

  • 2-Stroke 51cc engine
  • 46cm (18″) chain and bar
  • Anti-vibration system
  • WALBRO carburetor
  • Oregon cutting system
  • Reinforced muffler


The Efco MTH 5100 Petrol Chainsaw has a powerful 51 cc two stroke engine capable of developing 3.0 HP.

A perfect machine for the home owner who has a large amount of wood to cut or felling medium sized trees., It has the quality and cutting performance of Efco’s premium chainsaws.

The two stroke engine has magnesium crankcases and a nickel plated cylinder for long life and less weight.

The 18″ (45cm) Oregon Bar and chain are lubricated by an adjustable aluminium oil pump.

The chain tensioner is on the side for easy adjustment.

The safety brake stops the chain immediately if needed.

Anti-vibration system utilizing 1 spring damper and 5 rubber stops with hands and body completely isolated from machine vibrations, the operator benefits through increased comfort.

Automatic lever starter: a single command for activation of semi-acceleration.

Primer : fuel mixture is drawn actively into the carburettor to facilitate starting from cold, after refuelling and following long idle periods.

Reinforced muffler designed to reduce noise emissions even at maximum rpm

  • Engine Type     Petrol 2-stroke
  • Engine Capacity     50.9cc
  • Engine Power     2.2kW (3hp)
  • Starting System     Recoil
  • Fuel Tank Capacity     0.32 Litres
  • Guide Bar Length     46cm 18″
  • Chain Pitch     3/25″
  • Chain Gauge     0.050″
  • Chain Brake     Yes
  • Chain Tensioner     Yes
  • Chain Oiler     Automatic
  • Magnesium crank cases – Walbro Carb
  • Lateral chain tensioner: simplifies tensioning adjustments
  • Chain Oil Capacity     0.29Litres
  • Weight     4.2kg


Our price includes:Machine professionally assembled by our own staff; Inspected for damage and any missing parts; We provide and fill with complimentary engine oil; We add the initial petrol (with additive); We test the engine and all working parts. We can also deliver at a nominal cost (dependent on location)